As a rule, the final part of any event is always memorable, especially when it comes to weddings. Therefore, there should definitely be some spectacular point at the end, as solemn as the entire wedding day. The wedding ends at the moment when the bride and groom leave the banquet, in principle this can happen at any moment, it all depends on how convenient to the newlyweds, but it is desirable that this departure was spectacular and interesting, so that the guests remember it. There are some interesting options that you can take advantage of.

Of course, you can not in the middle of the wedding to get up and leave, it is disrespectful to the guests, and in general the central characters are the newlyweds, and without them the holiday will simply cease to be a holiday and will lose all meaning. It is better to plan your departure closer to the end of the evening, it will be more appropriate and proper. Before leaving, you should do some kind of ritual that will draw a line under the holiday. What kind of rituals could we be talking about?

For example, the newlyweds can cut their wedding cake, this is quite standard, but at the same time a very solemn moment, which many guests are waiting for throughout the wedding. Also complete the wedding by throwing the bouquet and garter, launching a large number of balloons or sky lanterns into the sky, fireworks, and a wedding dance. You can come up with anything you want, as long as it is symbolic and interesting.

With what can you leave the event? As a standard, the newlyweds usually leave in their wedding car, in which they traveled throughout the day. Some have just an executive car, some have a limousine, and some have a vehicle that is fully in keeping with the theme of the event.

If the restaurant where the banquet is held is located near a river port, then you can go directly to the wedding journey on a motor ship, here again, each couple chooses the most comfortable and symbolic option for themselves.

Naturally, the newlyweds should have some route. Where can the bride and groom go?

If a flight to a warm country is planned, then it is logical to go straight to the airport, from where you can board the plane and start enjoying your honeymoon.

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You can go to a hotel or to your apartment, or in general to take a night walk in the city, what can be more romantic! And you can also organize a night photo session on memorable places, at which there will be no one except the bride and groom.

The host stays with the guests after the newlyweds leave, who continues to entertain them and coordinate their activities, and will announce afterwards that the celebration is over.

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