How to prepare a wedding planner for the bride

Many times have already been written about wedding preparation on the pages of my site, well, all the same it is possible to give a place and write a lot. Let’s talk again about wedding preparation. The bride, of course, worries the most about the wedding photo shoot. Men usually have a much easier attitude towards the shoot and they do not care how they will look in the photographer’s lens, but brides, of course, want to look like models from famous glossy magazines and be the most beautiful on such an important day. For the photo session you need to prepare to ensure that it goes well and that the result of such a photo session pleased everyone.

So, how should the bride prepare herself?

Tips for the bride before the wedding

Well first of all, somewhere a few weeks before the wedding you should do a trial hairstyle and makeup to have an idea of how she will look on the day of her own wedding. The finished image should be photographed and shown to the photographer, as he should understand how the model will look in his frame, what can be accentuated, etc. The wedding makeup should be different from the everyday makeup, it should be much brighter and more expressive, it is necessary to make the photos more vivid and the bride should not be lost in the frame.

Beforehand you and your photographer should think over your wedding route and determine exactly where all the stops will be made and where it will be possible to take pictures. This point should be discussed with the photographer, as he probably knows better those places where you can get good photos. The chosen places should be visited again together with the photographer to understand the concept of the shooting right away.

The bride should look at her own wedding as rested as possible and, of course, happy, so if she visits a spa a couple of days before the celebration, it will definitely benefit her definitely, and she will be able during the various procedures to relax as much as possible and free herself from the sense of anxiety that is surely present.

During the photo shoot it is important to abstract away from everything that is happening around, from some of their worries and problems, as on the face it will be reflected immediately, and thus in the photos will also be evident that the groom and the bride are not relaxed, and something puzzled.

From the photo session should get the maximum pleasure, do not take it as some kind of work or test, you need to be relaxed and happy. It is even better to forget about the existence of the photographer and just enjoy each other, as if there is no one around, then the pictures will turn out natural and sincere, and therefore will be successful.

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