Meeting the bride and groom without a dowry

Wedding experts strongly advise brides to refuse the redemption, as now this tradition begins to actively become obsolete, and in addition, in most cases, the scenario of redemption is so standard that he is already bored and bored everyone, all the tests to which the groom is exposed, already know by heart, so they have also ceased to be interesting. The redemption procedure may well be replaced by more modern options, which probably many young couples will like, in addition, they certainly will not be as boring.

First, it is not necessary that the bride and groom spend the night before the wedding separately, this is also a relic of the past. Why not book a hotel room and spend the night there? Surely the bride and groom will want to remember the story of how they met, how their relationship developed. Besides, it’s much nicer to get together in the morning, and a morning photo shoot can be arranged.

Secondly, wedding walks are usually held after the registration at the registry office and before the banquet, but it is not necessary to stick to this schedule, why not hold a walk before registration, that is, right at the time when it would be possible to hold the redemption. Guests can drive up directly to the registry office, and the bride and groom will enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

Thirdly, in the summertime in the morning you can arrange a breakfast outdoors, either alone or with the closest people. This will allow you to spend time in pleasant company, as well as a little refreshment, which is also important, especially for the newlyweds, who on the day of the wedding almost nothing to eat.

How to meet the groom without a ransom scenario

You can make the meeting of the young people very non-standard, that is, it is not necessary that the groom from the morning to go to the house of the bride and pick her up exactly from there. The meeting can be arranged in a symbolic place for the young, for example, where they first met or kissed.

The city quest can be a substitute for redemption, now quests, in general, are very popular among young people, they are more exciting and their script is absolutely non-standard. You can organize a quest on your own, for example, in the most romantic places of the couple. Only the groom and the witness can participate in the quest, and at the end he will be rewarded in the form of the bride. Or you can make a quest for the bride and groom, so that in the end they received some pre-prepared gift. There can be a lot of options here, you should not be limited to the traditional ones.

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