Often the bride and groom want to have a proper party, but are not too eager to splurge on the wedding. So how do you meet all your needs with not a lot of money on hand? Of course the heroes of the occasion are the bride and groom, but many including parents interfere in all the nuances of the wedding, of course parents have different views on the celebration. The mother of the bride believes that you need a fancy dress, and you need to save money on the cafe. The father has the exact opposite point of view in the cafe is necessary fancy, and you can save money on the dress. It’s kind of my parents’ point of view. Yes they advise sincerely and kindly, but it can turn out the opposite. If parents have a different point of view it is better to politely reject their advice. The best option is to get together at the table, decide on the requests while taking into account the budget and make the right conclusions.

How to make a wedding cheaper

Supporting arguments.

1. A wedding usually happens once in a lifetime.

Usually at the wedding almost everyone wants to live life with one person and no other way. One way or another, the pompousness of the feast can in no way affect the well-being of family life.

2. The beauty of the bride must be unimaginable.

Every girl dreams about this day and since childhood she has her own ideas about the wedding dress. The bride needs to think through every detail hair, manicure, pedicure, dress, shoes and jewelry.

3. Wedding Sponsors Parents.

It’s great if parents support the young couple, including the material aspects.

4. Availability of valuable gifts.

One way or another, the surprises will be known only by the end of the celebration. After all, it happens that some of the guests promised a trip to an exotic location or movable or immovable property, but gave a set of frying pans.

Arguments against weddings.

  1. Lack of housing.

If the young people have no housing and saved money for a rented apartment, then it’s better to refuse a fancy celebration. But if the bride and groom decide to stay with one of their parents, in which case you can of course celebrate in style.

2. Taking a loan or borrowing from friends.

Not a good idea. It’s better to save up than to save until you can’t pay it off.

3 The Young vs. a fancy wedding.

Sometimes the newlyweds are going to go to the registry office in jeans, just get married and go on a honeymoon vacation. This is somewhat romantic.With mutual desire, it is possible to abandon the guests, the feast and the banquet.

How not to spend a lot of money on a wedding

Everything should be weighed up. If the arguments outweigh the pros, you need to think about saving money.

1. A wedding is not an excuse to buy a gold ring with a diamond. You can do with a simple silver ring.

2. The most cost-effective option is to rent clothes for the wedding. You can dispense with the brand clothing, since the most important thing is that the festivities participants will like it.

3. The photographer can be a beginner who will do everything for free, but uses photos for the portfolio with the consent of the bride and groom.

4. It is not necessary to be in a limousine. The main thing is to have a decent car with comfortable seats to get to the place you need.

5. You can choose any restaurant and cafe, but it is not always expensive. you can look for the best option with tasty dishes, inexpensive price and you can think about decoration. it is worth to think about the guests. if they are few then you can sit at home.

The main thing is for the young people to make decisions together, then their family life will be wonderful. It does not depend on whether they will agree or refuse the wedding and what kind of banquet will be.

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