Original invitations for weddings in Toronto

Nowadays, there are many ways to invite a person to a wedding. A phone call, a text message, an email. However, such a modern approach will not appeal to everyone. Most will appreciate the classic invitation, with the help of which you can show the status of the event. And at the same time to demonstrate a high degree of respect for friends and relatives. You should think about invitations in advance. Ideally, several months before the appointed date. Because guests should receive invitations no later than a month before the event. This will give them the opportunity to properly plan their time, prepare festive outfits and gifts.

The number of invitations is determined on the basis of how many guests you will invite. Therefore, you need to decide in advance who will be invited to the registration and a banquet and who only for the official part of the Registry Office. In order not to get confused, it is better initially to make two different lists (therefore two different types of invitations will be used). As an option, the invitation card can be inserted – an additional insert indicating the place and time.

Do not forget to include in the invitation a telephone number by which you can be contacted, so that the guests can confirm their presence, or warn you about your absence. Make sure you have plenty of extra invitations, in case you make a mistake or want to invite someone else. You can do even simpler and make your choice in favor of ready-made invitations, which can be purchased at newsstands, bookstores or gift shops. Immediately after purchase, they can be filled out and ready to be sent.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If for some reason you do not like this variant, you can make them yourself. Just type the text of the invitation, format it, add a romantic picture (or better yet, a picture of you and your significant other together) and print it out (preferably in color). Want to create something more creative? Then you’ll have to do some work. Start by coming up with an unusual text for the invitation (you can do it as a joke or in a poem). Print the invitation on tracing paper and place the photo on the card underneath. Use half cardboard or heavy textured paper for the card. Then you can do “hot foil engraving”, put a convex seal, change the shape of the sheet (such as a heart or any shape), make a deep imprint of their names or any pattern, and so on. In general, the scope for imagination is endless!

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