Saving money for a wedding and a good celebration

Often the bride and groom want to have a proper party, but are not too eager to splurge on the wedding. So how do you meet all your needs with not a lot of money on hand? Of course the heroes of the occasion are the bride and groom, but many including parents interfere in […]

Replacement of the bride price

Meeting the bride and groom without a dowry Wedding experts strongly advise brides to refuse the redemption, as now this tradition begins to actively become obsolete, and in addition, in most cases, the scenario of redemption is so standard that he is already bored and bored everyone, all the tests to which the groom is […]

Preparing the bride for the wedding

How to prepare a wedding planner for the bride Many times have already been written about wedding preparation on the pages of my site, well, all the same it is possible to give a place and write a lot. Let’s talk again about wedding preparation. The bride, of course, worries the most about the wedding […]

Preparing invitations for weddings

Original invitations for weddings in Toronto Nowadays, there are many ways to invite a person to a wedding. A phone call, a text message, an email. However, such a modern approach will not appeal to everyone. Most will appreciate the classic invitation, with the help of which you can show the status of the event. […]

How can the bride and groom leave the wedding beautifully?

As a rule, the final part of any event is always memorable, especially when it comes to weddings. Therefore, there should definitely be some spectacular point at the end, as solemn as the entire wedding day. The wedding ends at the moment when the bride and groom leave the banquet, in principle this can happen […]